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High Speed Production Manufacturing 

Automating Excellence Tailored

to your Unique Requirements

Manufacturers and builders face extraordinary demands. They must continually do more with less. Trim labor costs. Meet ambitious delivery goals while maintaining quality control. There’s little room for error. Even less for downtime.

GLiA℠ helps you meet these challenges with expertise born from decades of accomplishments.


For more than 35 years, we’ve supported industry leaders in the northeast with continually expanding products and services: automation solutions, engineering expertise, product solutions and field services. Regardless of the industry you’re in, we’re ready to help you succeed.

Food and Beverage
Water and
Marine and Shipbuilding
Pulp and
Mining and Metals
Oil and Gas

As food production continues to trend upwards, management’s primary concerns are food safety and worker safety, along with volume commodity pricing and thinning margins. Cost control, automation and environmental issues are growing concerns. Emerging new certification standards (i.e. GSFI) require tightening of operations performance. 


The challenge is finding the balance between managing and even reducing manufacturing costs while optimizing operational excellence.


It’s best served by the kind of manufacturing, design consultation, product innovation and support from partnership with GLiA℠.


GLiA℠ recognizes the intense pressure on the Paper and Pulp industry to maximize environmental protection and energy production. 


Shrinking margins and increased competition from overseas place mounting pressure on the bottom line. The industry is now defining its goals for the development of the “Minimum Impact” mill.  Challenges have never been more complex, nor the stakes so high.


GLiA℠ helps manufacturers find and implement leading edge equipment and processes for pulping, bleaching, waste treatment, power generation and water optimization, based on years of experience in the industry.


All manufacturing faces the environmental requirement of optimizing water preservation and reclamation. There are newly mandated initiatives in repurposing wastewater. 


Besides ecological impact, keeping the resource and not wasting it makes good financial sense. 


Renewed efforts to refit and develop new initiatives in absorption, aeration, treatment and analysis and monitoring can depend on GLiA℠ to define and support the implementation of critical-path water controls.


Metals and Mining face increased demand with every developing nation that modernizes and grows. Supply is robust, if shifting globally away from the United States and Europe as they deplete. Activity is global and the focus is on Latin America, Asia and Africa. Enterprise manufacturing in Metals and Mining, often old plant technologies, must innovate to become more competitive.


An emerging focus on MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) and new integration platforms will close gaps in operations with specialist solutions, and mitigate the added cost of acquiring supply from more distant vendors. 


GLiA℠ works with manufacturers to streamline manufacturing processes and costs to optimize product from the mine to the train.


The Marine industry is comprised of a broad array of products that, ultimately, efficiently combine to create or support a vessel, a product of extraordinary intricacy.  Only the best quality finished product is acceptable, because here product failure could cost lives. 


From logistics to assembly, GLiA℠ can provide expertise in quality process and reliable products. It’s power that means smooth sailing in even the roughest markets.


With the downturn in oil and natural gas prices over the last 2 years, and appreciation of the U.S. dollar, these resources are poised for a rebound as commodity prices recover. 


The development of machinery for industry operators will demand significant process and technological innovation in this new paradigm. 


GLiA℠ can help prepare manufacturers in field and machine manufacturing equipment to spark new initiatives to support this growth.

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