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The Heart of Automation is Transformation

Manufacturing is inherently complex. Its automation is equally complex in its design and installation. The end result, however, is a simple, elegant and reliable process that does its job as planned. Each component has its own distinct structure, equipment and protocols. They are never exactly the same. Realities of a customer’s experience, requirements, budgets and staff shape every part, every step, into a unique, custom manufacturing solution.

GLiA℠ understands the critical importance of reliable machinery to every automation enterprise. Manufacturing needs a failsafe provider of quality parts and services to help fine-tune operations and keep production at peak performance.


GLiA℠ can help with scalable solutions. Consult during planning and design.


Craft a unique engineering strategy for a particular challenge. Or deliver extraordinary service to keep an operation at full capacity. Each GLiA℠ job is powered by integrity.


Best in class operations management and manufacturing expertise provide an edge in factory automation.


Through relationships with engineering firms, OEM’s, contractors, and end users, GLiA℠ leverages integrity and servant leadership to get every job done right.


Our customers benefit from our unique industrial automation and control expertise.


With decades of combined experience in virtually every industry, our team delivers meaningful value. It’s a difference that pays off short-term, and down the road.

The Value of Partnering with a Quality Supplier

GLiA℠ believes in a job done right, every time. That excellence is the only satisfactory outcome. Cutting corners with lower cost, perhaps inferior quality parts can have a far-reaching impact on a company’s capacity and – worse still – its reputation. GLiA℠ always defers to a quality-first perspective, recommending and supplying only top quality parts and equipment.


This commitment to quality pays off for customers in specific, measurable ways:


  • Minimal downtime. Quality parts and design help curtail lost production time.

  • Liability and risk management. Along with superior quality control, GLiA℠ solutions help mitigate exposure due to faulty production.

  • Consistency that builds business. Sound business practices enhance reputation and performance.

  • Emergency after hours service and support. Around the clock, around the Northeast, GLiA℠ over-delivers so customers stay productive. GLiA℠ will assist with parts and service that fit every automation need.

Let's Talk!

We are here to assist. Have something specific you would like to get some expert advice on? Do you have a project that you would like to share with us? Maybe get a preliminary idea of costs and time? Let's Talk.

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